Monthly Archives: May 2020

Thank You!

A Message from the President-

To our dear Colchester Community Theatre Family and to all those who are looking forward to joining this awesome community theatre,

On behalf of the CCT Board of Directors, It is with great sadness to inform you that we will be unable to hold our 2020 Children’s Summer Theatre Workshop due to the safety concerns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CCT Board of Directors did research the possibility of offering a virtual theatre experience. After much thought and discussion, while this would certainly be a very fun option for the kids in our community, we further discussed our CCT mission and the purpose for providing the Workshop for the kids in Colchester and surrounding communities. While logistically it would be possible, we feel strongly that because we would have to severely limit the age allowance and the number of participants, we really would be going against what CCT is all about. In addition, we would not be able to support the individual learning needs of each child as we are able to do when we are together in person. The technology requirements may also limit some children from participating. CCT’s goal is to provide an inclusive opportunity for children to learn about all of the aspects of theatre through an equal and equitable experience for all children. We feel strongly that doing a virtual theatre experience would be exclusive which does not serve our community. Therefore, we have decided not to go forward with a virtual theatre experience.

I know that we all look forward to doing what we all love with our CCT family. I pray that we can all get back to that place, embrace the challenges that are ahead, and be stronger together. May you all be safe and well, and we will certainly keep you posted on our future plans.

With warmest regards-
Diane Ozmun
President, CCT BOD