Young Frankenstein Production Cancelled for February 2022

Dear Awesome CCT Cast and Crew of Young Frankenstein and our CCT Membership Family,

Thank you to everyone for your patience. It is with heartfelt disappointment that CCT has decided not to move ahead with our 2022 January – February production period and performances of Young Frankenstein. This decision has been made due to concerns with the well-being of our cast and crew with continued high levels of Covid, concerns around being able to successfully put together our show with the likelihood of multiple absences and concerns that there would potentially be low attendance due to Covid which would put CCT at risk financially.

The CCT BOD has researched and will continue to research the possibility of postponement of the show for later this year, but this has already proven to be a challenge due to the events already on the calendar for Bacon Academy. Please know that at the very least, CCT is excited to go forward with Young Frankenstein for our January – February 2023 production period. Laura Brown will be in contact with MTI to confirm that we can secure the royalties for 2023. If possible, please keep the dates of January 2, 2023 – February 19, 2023 available for Young Frankenstein. Our intent is to maintain the same casting and hold auditions only for parts that need to be recast due to conflicts. We may even be able to expand the size of the cast if the Covid status is significantly improved.

CCT has provided an opportunity for our community to participate in and attend high quality musical theater in Colchester for almost 25 years at Bacon Academy. We look forward to continuing to do so with this show and many more well into the future.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all the best as we navigate through this difficult yet hopeful time. We will get through this, and are grateful to you all for continuing to be a part of the CCT family. Please stay safe and be well.

With warmest regards –
Diane Ozmun
President, CCT Board of Directors