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CCT Board of Elections – 2018

Once again, it is election time. There are three positions up for re-election on the Colchester Community Theatre Board of Directors:

Member At Large (2)

We are actively seeking nominations for these positions. Candidates can either nominate themselves or they can be nominated by someone else. There are three ways that these nominations can be accepted:

– By phone to our Vice President of Production, Wallis Johnson at 860-267-1043 or Treasurer, Laura Brown at 860-537-3259.
– By email to Laura Brown at
– By mail to Colchester Community Theatre, 127 Norwich Avenue, Colchester, CT

If anyone is nominated by another person, they will be contacted by phone to either accept or reject the nomination. Each elected member will serve a two year term on the board which will begin at our Annual Meeting in July. (Term is 7/1/16 – 6/30/18).

To be nominated for the Board of Directors, a candidate must be:

– Atleast 21 years old
– A resident of Colchester
– A dues paying member of the CCT for the previous year and must have actively participated in CCT during the previous year.


Below is a brief description of each position that is up for re-election:

-Provides leadership of the CCT and BOD to the end that the organization functions as described in the Bylaws;
-Responsible to the BOD and ultimately the Membership as Chief Executive officer.
-Responsible for the activities of the BOD, other officers and staff;
-Construct agendas for, convene and preside over meetings of the membership and the BOD;
-Serve as chairman of the Executive Committee and as non-voting ex-officio member of all other committees;
-Serve as liaison to the state, regional, and national theatre associations; to the state arts commission and such other organizations as may exist or come to exist as outlined in the Bylaws;
-Direct the official correspondence of the organization.

-Ensures that all business of the corporation is adequately recorded, maintained and disseminated in a timely manner;
-Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, BOD and the annual membership meeting;
-Prepare or facilitate preparation of agendas with cooperation and under the direction of the President;
-Serve as the recording secretary of the CCT, recording all notes of meetings of the BOD and annual membership meeting and maintaining a permanent notes book;
-Facilitate any special correspondence at the discretion of the President.

Member At Large:
– Execute or facilitate execution of the projects & goals of the CCT through the direction of the President and Board of Directors.
– Attends meetings of the membership and BOD.
– Performs duties or charges as designated by the BOD. Such duties will include service on standing and or adhoc committees.

Election Process:
After all nominations are received, ballots with a brief biography of each nominee will be mailed to all dues paying members. All ballots must be returned by mail prior to or brought to the Annual Membership Meeting in July – scheduled for July 9, 2018 at Colchester Town Hall. Ballots will be tallied at this meeting and the new directors will be announced.

Thank you.